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ISSN: 2225-8329

董事会公司治理特征的影响cs on Performance of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria.

Ikechukwu Ehugbo
  1. Pages 27-46
  2. Received: 03 Apr, 2021
  3. Revised: 30 Apr, 2021
  4. Published Online: 15 May, 2021

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This paper investigates the effect of corporate board characteristics on performance of microfinance banks in Nigeria. The study rationale is to ascertain how management of microfinance banks in Nigeria can enhance their performance through effective and efficient use of board of directors. Specifically, the study assesses the effect of board independence and board gender diversity on returns on assets and liquidity. longitudinal research design was used. The technique of sampling employed is simple random technique and Taro Yamane’s formula used to determine the sample size at 284. Secondary data gotten from examined financial position of the chosen licensed microfinance banks in Nigeria between the five years period of 2015 and 2019. Pilot study was employed to test the reliability of the instrument. The result from the tested hypotheses reveals a substantial and positive correlation among board independence and return on assets of microfinance banks. The gender diversity has significant and negative influence on profit on assets of microfinance banks. Furthermore, the result on liquidity reveals a positive and significant relationship amidst board independence, gender diversity and liquidity of microfinance banks. However, it is observed from the study that women representation on boards of microfinance banks is still very low.

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